Telcall+ development has been completed and is currently in operation at all of our bases.

Tellcall+ information           Out-n-AboutTM app

What's this?  Simply the most advanced HF (High Frequency) radio system available to Australian Land Mobile and Australian waters users.

Telcall+ provides phone calls, GPS logging, SMS to any mobile phone and bi-directional mailbox messaging mobile phone to HF radio to phone.  We believe our Telcall+ network features surpass those of every other HF radio network.  This network is  available to anyone with a type approved HF radio.

Fellow Austravel members, friends and family can keep in touch no matter where you are located in Australia.  The all important safety in the bush is backed up by our unique H.E.L.P. (4357) emergency selcall available via any of our bases.

The key component is the mobile device app available on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Android    Apple (available again soon)

Full documentation is issued to registered users of Telcall+ which only costs $30 / year and includes radio phone calls, GPS logging, mailbox messaging and SMS from your radio to any mobile in Australia.

Software Developer

The Austravel Telcall+ system and Out-n-About app software was created by software developer TakeThis who has a range of tracking, mapping and Mimic control/display panel software now managed by Starchild.  There are various remote control panels available including remote control of various transceivers using the Messa Mimic panel software.

Walk-2-GPS is released by TakeThis and is a simple GPS compass app to get you back to your car when walking in the bush.  Walk-2-GPS may save your life and it works in city or remote areas.


Telcall+ is here