SKED is a standard radio abbreviation for a scheduled contact at a specific time. (I.e. Every day at the same time). For Austravel these times and channels are listed in the beginning pages of the selcall list which is available by email on request or, comes out as a separate email with the Channel Chatter magazine. Skeds will change summer to winter as daylight effects the best channels to use around sked times.

The sked tables need to progressively change as we re-arange frequencies for new bases and to cater for the solar activity increases. These progressive changes are needed to keep providing the best coverage of Australia at sked times. So please stay up to date and check on the changes as each new selcall list comes out. Get a current copy from below before you head off for travel. Of course, if you are travelling and out of email range, as a regular caller on the skeds the operators will let you know in advance of a pending sked list change.

Note we have now moved to the Winter Tables as soon as daylight saving is dropped.  It is suggested that you print a copy of below and take it with you.

Winter Sked Time Table East and West

Would you like to become a sked operator.