South Australian new Base 5199

The AGM main meeting will be held at the installation site on a Saturday mid installation.

October 2022 More information

This base installation will be a collaborative of volunteer Austravel members  and friends.  It is expected to take about two weeks. All hands welcome.

Antenna mast to move!

Antennas to put up,

Equipment rack install,

Fit up equipment,

Solar panels and batteries to install,

Freezer panel room to build,

It will be fun...

Contact Kim Rhodes on

(Next AGM )

• 15th October   2022 

Main meeting located at Penong with Zoom to the West.

Western Australian meeting and gathering location TBA


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Bush poetry and camping go together and there are a number of events around that Austravel memebrs could attend.  Austravel members could attend and enjoy.   (WA Bush poetry events)(Other states Bush poetry events)


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