The Codan and Barrett HF radio "Red-Button" is back, by integration with Telcall+ and Out-n-About phone app

Codan NGT red button

So we all know that our loved emergency red button on our HF Radios is no longer monitored by the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS).

BUT, never fear, Austravel Safetynet has resurrected the RED button emergency call.  Meaning that anyone in your travelling party can operate the HF radio simply.  One press of one button on a Codan or two buttons together on a Barrett enables automated connection for direct voice contact with an emergency help responder.  (No radio operation knowledge required.)

The Phonetic Alphabet

We have all at times had some difficulty communicating clearly on our HF radios.  You are trying to relay your location during a sked operator and you might be coming through 1 or 2 out of 5 for clarity.  What do you do?  The Phonetic Alphabet can come to your rescue.  It offers a way to spell out words, place names or even numbers with increased clarity and less ambiguity.

Not For Profit

Austravel SafetyNet Inc. is a not-for-profit HF radio club run by volunteers, established to provide an affordable recreational HF radio communications network for its members. Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle/vessel to base communications including, radphone, direct dial telephone calls, electronic position logging, text and position emails and bi-directional mailbox text messaging are all features of the network. Membership at the appropriate level grants license to transmit on our commercial frequencies. 

Extra cool Telcall stuff

There a few cool features available to Telcall+ users

Send a Page Call from your radio to an Austravel Base  base with any of the following messages in quotes ->

Telcall+ is here

Telcall+ development has been completed and is currently in operation at all of our bases.

Tellcall+ information           Out-n-AboutTM app

What's this?  Simply the most advanced HF (High Frequency) radio system available to Australian Land Mobile and Australian waters users.

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