Austravel Safetynet Inc

Why should you choose Austravel Safetynet as your prefered communications and emergency communications network?

'When travelling in Australia's remote and harsh outback regions effective, reliable, professional communications is the nuts and bolt's for your survival in an emergency situation'.What is required in times of emergency is people who know radio communications intimately, people who can quickly and effectively assess the situation; provide you with the resources that you need immediately and the follow-up resources that you may require. Austravel Safetynet offers all this and more...All our base operator's, along with many of our member's are licensed Amateur Radio Operator's with many years experience in radio communications - as professionals and hobbyists. Providing you with peace of mind, knowing the 'person behind the microphone' has many years experience. This experience combined with our 'State of the Art' communications bases provides you with high-quality communications services you can rely on.